Nichiyo Kyofu Series: Best Selection 3 (2024)

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日曜恐怖シリーズ ベストセレクション3

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Nichiyo Kyofu Series: Best Selection 3 2024 / 日曜恐怖シリーズ ベストセレクション3 2024 / Sunday Horror Series: Best Selection 3 , Nichiyou Kyoufu Shiriizu: Besuto Serekushon 3 , にちようきょうふシリーズ ベストセレクション3

A Japanese horror omnibus which consists of three stories: > Story 1: ‟Ohinasama no Borei‟ (おひな様の亡霊) A high school girl is invited to an old family's prestigious Hinamatsuri festival but becomes embroiled in a strange incident caused by a curse on a Hina doll. > Story 2: ‟Norowareta Dai Tokei: Neji no Sakebi‟ (呪われた大時計〜ネジの叫び) A man who left his wife to drown in a stormy sea finds his wife's keepsake, a giant clock, ticking away the time for revenge. > Story 3: ‟Shiryo no Shima‟ (死霊の島) In order to search for his wife who suddenly disappeared, the man visits her hometown, an island with a strange legend. (Source: Japanese = || Translation = XuongPhim)