Qiao Guo Fu Ren (2024)

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Qiao Guo Fu Ren (2024) photo
Qiao Guo Fu Ren (2024) photo


Qiao Guo Fu Ren 2024 / 谯国夫人 2024 / Mrs. Qiao Guo , 譙國夫人

It tells the story of ‟the first heroine‟, Xian Ying, who dedicated her life to maintaining national unity. When the Sui Dynasty was established, General Wei Guang led the Sui army to confront Lady Xian, who was faced with the most critical choice of her life. At this time, King Yang Guang of Jin was ordered to bring Emperor Chen's letter to Lady Xian in an attempt to persuade her to submit to the Sui Dynasty. On the other side, Wang Zhong Xuan learned of this and took the opportunity to act. He decided to kill Yang Guang, destroy the secret message and start a rebellion. For a while, the situation was tense, and Lady Xian was under pressure. All parties were ready to move. Faced with the life and death of the entire tribe, Lady Xian naturally had to make a difficult choice. Several events from the past come to her mind one by one: she fell in love with her husband Feng Bao and removed the obstacles to their marriage; She took benevolence as the principle of governance and implemented benevolent policies impartially; She conquered various tribes; She founded Yazhou, recovered and developed Hainan; She participated in suppressing Hou Jing's rebellion and ultimately supported Chen Ba Xian to establish the Chen Dynasty. These past events have made Lady Xian more determined in her lifelong beliefs. Ultimately, she reversed course and chose to pursue peace and unification, as always. She joined the Sui Dynasty, suppressed Wang Zhong Xuan's rebellion, and brought lasting peace to Lingnan, which was prospering. Lady Xian, who was revered by the people as the Holy Mother of Lingnan, was canonized as the Lady of Qiao State, becoming the world's number-one heroine for thousands of years. (Source: Chinese = Douban || Translation = XuongPhim)