8 Man (1992)

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8マン すべての寂しい夜のために

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8 Man 1992 / 8マン すべての寂しい夜のために 1992 / 8 Man – For All Lonely Nights , Eitoman - Subete no Sabishii Yoru no Tame ni

After Tokyo police officer Yokoda is killed in the line of duty, his chief decides to give Yokoda's body to Dr. Tani for use in a secret scientific experiment: Yokoda's brain will be transplanted into a super-powered robot body, making him into an unstoppable policeman of the future. The supercop develops problems, however, when he begins to remember his human past. Then there is the matter of Dr. Tani's other cyborg, who has become a super-powered homicidal maniac.