Gekai Hiragi Matasaburo (1995)

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Gekai Hiragi Matasaburo 1995 / 外科医柊又三郎 1995 / Surgeon Matasaburo Hiiragi

1995 version of Drama. It also has a 1996 version, but it's neither a sequel nor a second season. It's more of a reboot with many details changed from this version. The story of Hiiraga Matasaburo, who dropped out of medical studies in the States and never really get his title. However, he still works in the hospital as an surgeon. The drama focuses on his work in the ward where, in addition to dealing with patients, Hiiraga has to fight with his colleagues who have a lot to say about his operating methods and work ethic. Especially that before each operation, instead of focusing on the preparations, the doctor puts everything in the hands of the constellations. (Source: XuongPhim)