Miss Jiang's Counterattack (2024)

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Miss Jiang's Counterattack 2024 / 姜小姐的反击 2024 / Please Marry My Husband , Jiang Xiao Jie De Fan Ji , Bai Tuo Qin Ai De Qing He Wo Lao Gong Jie Hun , 拜托亲爱的请和我老公结婚 , 姜小姐的反擊 , 拜托親愛的請和我老公結婚

In her first life, Jiang Wan Wan married someone else and ended up dying. Her best friend and her husband teamed up to kill her. In her second life, she was reborn ten years ago and fought back, binding her husband and best friend in her previous life together in advance to fight back and take revenge. Fu Yun Sheng was also reborn, helping Wan Wan teach the scumbag a lesson and refuting the girl's rumours. Wan Wan doesn't know that he is here to save her, which is a complete redemption plot. (Source: Chinese = Weibo || Translation = Google Translate) ~~ Adapted from the web novel ‟Marry My Husband‟ (내 남편과 결혼해줘) by Seong So Jak (성소작).