A Story of Tobacco (N/A)

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A Story of Tobacco N/A / 煙り草物語 N/A /

In front of a girl with the traditional Japanese hairstyle, a small man on a desk says, ‟women descended from tobacco.‟ The girl laughs at him and traps him under a glass. The angry man puffs on a cigarette in a pipe and blows smoke at the girl. The girl takes the cigarette from the man and puts it under her book. When the man threatens her with a gun, the girl throws the cigarette into the yard. The man becomes really angry and tries to shoot her, but the gun does not fire. In the end, the man starts telling her about the beginning of tobacco. According to the 1926 film censor record, the original one reel version had a total length of 174 meters and lasted 6 min. The second half of the film is missing from the existing version. (Letterboxd)