A Warrior's Tragedy (1993)

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A Warrior's Tragedy 1993 / 邊城浪子 1993 / Invincible Power Of Kindness , Bian cheng lang zi

‟A Warrior’s Tragedy‟ details the parallel stories of two warriors: one trained to love, the other to hate, both to be superior swordsman. On one side of this twisty tale of murder and revenge lies the dark and brooding Fu Hung Suet. Dressed from head to toe in basic black, Fu wanders from town to town, dispatching his enemies with his impressive ebony sabre. On the other end of the spectrum is the happy-go-lucky Yip Hoi, a cheeky, mustachioed fellow who dresses in white and happens to be a proficient martial artist. As one would expect, the two contrasting swordsman are locked on a proverbial collision course with destiny as both are invited to the home of the villainous Ma Hong Kwan, who has a sinister connection to our heroes. (Source: Letterboxd) ~~ Adapted from the novel by Gu Long.