Bad Guy Beach (1995)

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バッド ガイ ビーチ

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Bad Guy Beach 1995 / バッド ガイ ビーチ 1995 / Baddo Gai Biichi

Shiro Kisu is a former beach boy and a private detective who has an office on the beachside. One day, Kisu can't believe his own eyes when he sees a girl being raped, in a secret video sent to him, by his younger brother Tatsuya. The reason why he was so shocked, it's not only because of act itself, but also because he recognize the victim - he nicknamed her ‟Angel‟ and he met her when he was a teenager and was helping out some delinquents. From then one, wanting to repay unnamed girl kind heart, at the time they meet, Kisu began searching for the whereabouts of the ‟Angel‟. (Source: Japanese = Wikipedia || Translation and Edit = XuongPhim) ~~ Adapted from the novel series ‟Akunin Kaigan Tantei Kyoku‟ (悪人海岸探偵局) by Osawa Arimasa (大沢在昌).