Bua Laeng Nam (1990)

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Bua Laeng Nam 1990 / บัวแล้งน้ำ 1990 /

This is about 5 women that have a past together. All of them live together in a house, their owner is a kind lady who is like the guardian in this house. Five of them got the love and were raised comfortably but they all have different behaviors. Juttaree and Jitpisut (Jessie) are supporters of righteousness. Both of them love and respect Khun Ying a lot. They will help Khun Ying to get away from Miser, who need Khun Ying's property and mansion. Both of them love the same guy Lersun. Krueorn is a girl from Chiang Mai that has an interest in art only, she is a solitary girl, and works as a keeper of an art museum by Lersuang. Petchlada is a beautiful girl who likes to insult people who live in a lower level than her. She likes to hurt people with her speaking by unexpected. She thinks that nobody loves her till she knows Sakesun. Montra is different from the others because she doesn't insist in the goodness that makes her is lead to the bad way by Sia Dilok who is an agent that need Khun Ying's mansion, and the great tragic incident happen because of her enviousness. (Source: AsianFuse Wiki)