Casino Raiders 2 (1991)

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Casino Raiders 2 1991 / 至尊無上II永霸天下 1991 / Zi zeon mou soeng 2 - Wing baa tin haa , Zhi zun wu shang 2 - yong ba tian xia , No Risk, No Gain

Chicken Feet assists in running an honorable gambling den owned by the crippled Uncle Fan and his son Kit. Having previously tried to shut down the gambling den and take over by paralyzing Fan and framing Kit for another man's murder, ruthless local Triad boss, James goes a step further by murdering Fan. Driven only by money and the pursuit of two valuable 'Jade stones', James kidnaps Kit's daughter so he will surrender gambling in order for James to win the upcoming Championship. Despite Kit's wish to live a life of peace, Chicken Feet finds the Jade Stones and along with his partner, Lin plots his own revenge against James.