Cherished Moments (1990)

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Cherished Moments (1990) photo


Cherished Moments 1990 / 回到未嫁時 1990 / Wui Do Mei Ga Si , Hui Dao Wei Jia Shi

Mixing sci-fi elements about time-travelling into a light comedy, Cherished Moments follows the adventure of a young woman who is discontent with her marriage. Kathy Chow is Mui, who is married to Ho Yin (Leon Lai), a nerdy businessman. While she finds her marriage boring, she encounters her first lover, a humorous guy named Lung Fei (Lam Ka Wah). She is accidentally transported back to four years ago when she was still single. Now she has the chance to choose between Ho Yin and Lung Fei again, but what will she decide? (Source: yesasia)