Dead End Song Breakout (1988)

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行き止まりの挽歌 ブレイクアウト

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Dead End Song Breakout 1988 / 行き止まりの挽歌 ブレイクアウト 1988 / Yukidomari no Banka Breakout , Yukidomari no Banka Bureikuauto , ゆきどまりのばんか

A story that depicts a strange relationship between Ryusuke Kaji, a detective who sticks out of the Shinjuku West Office, and Miku Sawano, a beautiful girl who can be called a ‟natural witch‟. (Source: JWiki) ~~ Adapted from the novel ‟Dead End Song‟ (行き止まりの挽歌) by Kurimoto Kaoru (栗本薫). ** The movie also has a 2013 DVD version, known as ‟Dead End Song Breakout‟ (行き止まりの挽歌 ブレイクアウト). And it's also related to the movie named ‟Rolling Ryota Clash! Monster Bus‟ (ころがし涼太 激突!モンスターバス ), which is a direct parody of ‟Dead End Song‟ and was intended to make fun of the movie and show the absurdities in the plot of the original movie.