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Free and Easy 1988 / 釣りバカ日誌 1988 / Tsuribaka nisshi

Densuke Hamazaki is an office worker at Suzuki Construction and gets transferred to the main Tokyo office. After settling in to his surrounding along with his wife Eri, Densuke befriends an elderly man named Ichinosuke Suzuki. Ichinosuke is a lonely and old man who learns to enjoy life again through his friendship with Densuke. Meanwhile, Densuke is completely unaware that Ichinosuke is the boss of his construction company. The two men become friends through their shared passion for fishing. ~~ Adapted from the manga series ‟Tsuribaka Nisshi‟ (釣りバカ日誌) written by Yamasaki Juzo (山崎十三) and illustrated by Kitami Kenichi (北見健一).