Future Cops (1993)

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Future Cops 1993 / 超級學校霸王 1993 / Super-School Tyrant , Super School Overlord , Street Fighter , Chāojí Xuéxiào Bàwàng , Chao Ji Xue Xiao Ba Wang , Chiu Kap Hok Hau Ba Wong , 超级学校霸王 , 超級街頭霸王

In the year 2043, an evil crime lord, M. Bison, is trying to take over the world. He was arrested and sentenced to jail by the Judge. M. Bison's minions, Kent, Sagat, and Toyota travel to the year 1993 to kill the Judge before he has a chance to get into office. During a battle with M.Bison's minions, the Future Cops Lung, Guile, Ti Man, and Ah Sing hear of their plot. The Police Director decided to send them back to the past also to protect the Judge. Lung ultimately stays behind because he is the Police Director's brother-in-law. Once the Future Cops get to 1993, they land in the backyard of 20-something-year-old high school student Tai Hung, who helps them stay undercover by letting them live with him and his family. Ti Man pretends to be a fellow student while striking up a romance with Tai Hung's sister, Chun May; Guile pretends to be a music teacher at the school while also striking up a romance with one of the students, Crab Angel; while Ah Sing follows Tai Hung pretending to be his servant, all the while protecting him from the evil school bullies, while Tai Hung pursues a romance of his own with his long-time friend Choi Ney. Eventually, the villains show up, wreak havoc, and many battles ensue. (Source: Wikipedia)