Go Alone Like A Rhino's Horn (1995)

Native Title:

무소의 뿔처럼 혼자서 가라

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Go Alone Like A Rhino's Horn (1995) photo


Go Alone Like A Rhino's Horn 1995 / 무소의 뿔처럼 혼자서 가라 1995 / Go Alone Like A Musso's Horn , Mussoui Ppulcheoleom Honjaseo Gala ,

This film depicts three women's lives who went to the same university and the procedure of pursuing their own happiness. Hye Wan, Kyung Hye and Yeong Sun are bosom friends. After graduation, they each marry and go their own separate ways. Hye Wan becomes a writer. She loses her husband. She is in distress. Kyung Hye appears to have the perfect life. She has a successful career as an announcer and a seemingly loving husband. But behind the facade, lies the adultery and deception in their marriage. And finally Yeong Sun who is a devoted wife to her husband. She thinks his happiness is her happiness. But years later, she thinks that she has been sacrificed by her husband, and commits suicide. Their struggles, love and lives make a compelling film about Korean womanhood.