Gun And Gun (1995)

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Gun And Gun 1995 / 총잡이 1995 / Chongjabi ,

This film depicts the uneasy mental status of modern people who think every morning, 'Will I be alright today? '. These people worry about everything in their daily lives. Park is an ordinary salary man with a pharmaceutical company. He loses his self-confidence because he thinks he lacks the ability to do his daily work and duties at home and the office. Park is not confident about anything. One day, he mistakenly takes foreigner's briefcase from a restaurant toilet. At home, he opens the briefcase and finds a pistol there. He hides it in his bosom and carries it all the time. While he is carrying the gun, he is confident in everything he wants to do. Now he thinks he can do everything. Now that he feels invincible. All sorts of hilarious incidents occur.