Heavenly Ghost Catcher (1995)

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Heavenly Ghost Catcher 1995 / 天師鍾馗 1995 / Tian Shi Zhong Kui , Shen Gui Chuan Qi , Tian Shi Zhong Kui Zhi Hong Mei Ge , Tian Shi Zhong Kui Zhi Qian Nv Qing Chou , 天师钟馗 , 神鬼传奇 , 天师钟馗之红梅阁 , 天师钟馗之倩女情仇 , 神鬼傳奇 , 天師鐘馗之紅梅閣 , 天師鐘馗之倩女情仇

These were the adventures of the divine entity, Zhong Kui, tasked with capturing demons and fighting evil. He was assisted by his sworn brothers, the wise Han Yan and the fearless Fu Qu. (Source: XuongPhim)