Hero - Beyond the Boundary of Time (1993)

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Hero - Beyond the Boundary of Time 1993 / 正牌韋小寶之奉旨溝女 1993 / Hero from Beyond the Boundary of Time , Hero from Beyond the End of Time , Hero Beyond the Boundary of Time , 韋小寶93摩登闖情關

The film is a spin-off of Louis Cha's novel The Deer and the Cauldron (The Duke of Mount Deer). The Chinese title literally translates to The Genuine Wai Siu-bo flirts with women on the Emperor's order. Imperial Court member Wai Siu Bo (Tony Leung) gets sent forward in time via the ‟Invincible Time Adventure Wheel‟ to present-day Hong Kong. His mission: to seek out a woman who supposedly can cure the Emperor (Ken Tong) of his mystery illness. Siu Bo complies, but as soon as he gets to the future, he spends the majority of his time messing around with new policeman pal Chiu (Dicky Cheung). Soon Wai Siu Bo has more problems: evil bad guys show up to stop him from saving the Emperor, and two of his seven wives leap forward to help and harass Siu Bo into completing his mission and heading home. What's a wacky royal tramp like Wai Siu Bo to do? (YesAsia)