Honor Redeemed (1933)

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Honor Redeemed 1933 / ความรักในเมืองไทย 1933 / Khwam Rak Nai Mueang Thai , Romance in Mekong River , Love Redeemed , 湄江情浪

A Chinese youth named Cheung Hai Keung marries a lustful woman named Ng Chu Lau. When they get divorced, she and the man she had an affair with, Lau Kwai Sung, slander Cheung Hai Keung as a communist, forcing him to use the pseudonym Lee Cheung Seng and escape to Bangkok. When he arrives in Bangkok, he was hurt by collapsing rice bags near Tai Fung Rice Mill. As a result, he meets the mill’s boss Chan, gets a job there, and falls in love with Chan’s daughter Chan Sik Fa. When the Chinese Communist Party starts the civil war, Lau Kwai Sung comes to Bangkok too, but Cheung Hai Keung (not knowing he’s evil) lets him work together with him at Tai Fung Rice Mill, providing him a chance to cheat Cheung again. When Ng Chu Lau escapes to Bangkok too, everyone learns the fact of their affair. Cheung Hai Keung angrily shoots her, and Lau Kwai Sung eats a poison pill to commit suicide. Cheung Hai Keung gets married again, this time to Chan Sik Fa. (Source: Wikipedia)