Incoherence (1994)

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  • Yoo Yeon Soo
    Yoo Yeon Soo
    {Cockroach} Professor Kil
    Main Role
  • Yoon Il Joo
    Yoon Il Joo
    {Up the Alleys} Editor-in-chief Huh
    Main Role
  • Kim Roe Ha
    Kim Roe Ha
    {The Night of Pain} Prosecutor Byun
    Main Role
  • Kim Sun Hwa
    Kim Sun Hwa
    {Up the Alleys} [Violent Lady]
    Support Role

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Incoherence 1994 / 지리멸렬 1994 / Jirimyeollyeol ,

Three strangers meet at a TV program discussing the problems in society. The members consist of a newspaper editor who steals other people’s milk while jogging every morning; an elite attorney caught by a guard while relieving himself, dead drunk on the street; and a professor with a passion for pornographic magazines.