Kagayaku Toki No Naka De (1995)

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Kagayaku Toki No Naka De (1995) photo
Kagayaku Toki No Naka De (1995) photo


Kagayaku Toki No Naka De 1995 / 輝く季節の中で 1995 / A Time To Shine ,

A story about five medical students with very dissimilar backgrounds. Some are from elite families, while others are from less fortunate households. They are together under the tutorial guidance of a strict and unemotional doctor; they are there for one reason ... to fulfill their dream of one day becoming a doctor themselves. While they are working diligently to achieve their goal, interesting relationships began to take root amongst them. Prior to the exam, which they have exactly one year to prepare for, many things happened ... friendship and love.