Kinkyu Yobidashi: Emergency Call (1995)

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緊急呼出し エマージェンシー・コール

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Kinkyu Yobidashi: Emergency Call (1995) photo
Kinkyu Yobidashi: Emergency Call (1995) photo


Kinkyu Yobidashi: Emergency Call 1995 / 緊急呼出し エマージェンシー・コール 1995 / Emergency Call , Sigaw ng Puso

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Yasuyuki Ota, which was written based on his medical experiences in a foreign country. The North General Hospital in the Tondo district of Manila was as busy as a battlefield. Hideyuki Harada, an intern on duty at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, worked without having time to breathe. It was six years ago that Harada decided to become a doctor. Harada, who worked at the Manila branch of a Japanese trading company, was supposed to marry a junior at the university, Masami, when she returned to Japan, but she told her that she was married to Harada's best friend, Isomura, a sergeant at a large hospital.