Kung Fu vs Acrobatic (1990)

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Kung Fu vs Acrobatic 1990 / 摩登如來神掌 1990 / Thunderbolt '91 , Mo Deng Ru Lai Shen Zhang , Mo Dang Yu Loi San Jeung , 摩登如来神掌

The film starts as Charles and Chi visit Mainland China and discover an ancient cave that houses what is supposed to be the makeshift tomb of the legendary martial artist Lung Gim Fei. The friends find an old kung fu book and practice some kung fu, which unintentionally breaks open a wall and releases a dormant princess and her handmaiden. Charles and Chi take the Princess and her Handmaiden back to Hong Kong with them, unaware that they are followed by the just-awakened evil warlord, Tien Chien. (Source: IMDb)