Mara Clara (1992)

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Mara Clara

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Mara Clara (1992) photo
Mara Clara (1992) photo


Mara Clara 1992 / Mara Clara 1992 /

Mara and Clara were switched at birth, and the details of this event were recorded by Kardo, a hospital staff, in his diary. Mara lived as the poor daughter of the couple Susan and Gary Davis while Clara, their real daughter, was brought up the rich Amanthe and Almira Del Valle. The good-natured Del Valle couple takes in Mara as a servant and decides to spend for her education, not knowing that she is their real daughter. Gary, who is actually a gang and syndicate leader, approves of the idea that Mara lives with the Del Valles to extort money. Clara makes life for Mara difficult. But, as time progresses they find out their true identity in the spotlights, damages are paid, and they all know where to stand. (Source: Wikipedia)