Mia Bamrer (1995)

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Mia Bamrer 1995 / เมียบำเรอ 1995 /

Nawin is a 40 year-old man who stayed single after his ex-fiancee cheated on him and left him to marry someone else. She send a letter to Nawin asking for forgiveness and wanting to redeem herself by having her daughter marry him once she grows up. Nawin thought it was crazy, but deep down he was waiting for the girl. 20 years later, Bussabamintra walks into his life. Because of their age gap, he treats her like a kid he has to take care of instead of a wife. Nawin eventually starts seeing her differently and develops feelings for her, but a lot of young men are also interested in Bussabamintra. What will he do? (Source: XuongPhim)