Min Jian Bie Bao Chuan Shuo (2024)

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Min Jian Bie Bao Chuan Shuo (2024) photo
Min Jian Bie Bao Chuan Shuo (2024) photo


Min Jian Bie Bao Chuan Shuo 2024 / 民间憋宝传说 2024 / 民間憋寶傳說

In the early years of the Republic of China, there was a village called Sandaolingzi hidden in the quiet mountains and dense forests of the northeast. One day, Kong Zhao Su, who was engaged in the business of hiding treasures in the underworld, accidentally broke into this place and found that the seemingly quiet village was full of weirdness. ‟Paper sedan chairs hijacked the bride, coffins were filled with beautiful women, and corpses were covered with gold sand.‟ Strange and weird events happened one after another. What Kong Zhaosu didn't expect was that this small village actually hid an astonishing secret... (Source: Chinese = iQiyi || Translation = XuongPhim)