Moon, Star, and Sun (1988)

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月亮 星星 太陽

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Moon, Star, and Sun 1988 / 月亮 星星 太陽 1988 / Moon Stars & Sun , Yue Liang, Xing Xing, Tai Yang , Yut Leung Sing Sing Taai Yeung , 月亮 星星 太阳 , 岳亮,兴兴,太阳

A story combined by the lives of three night clubs girls in. Porsche is a once famous aging night club girl; May is forced to work in a night club in order to pay her step-father's debt; and GiGi needs a huge amount of money in order to help her fiancé. They all know Night Club Girl is not a good reputation job, and they expect to start over again someday. However, it seems they cannot break the ‟curse‟ that ‟Bad girls never have fortune‟ (Source: IMDb)