Nang Ai (1995)

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Nang Ai 1995 / นางอาย 1995 / Miss Shy , Nang Eye , Nang Ay

Nang is a bit bratty and tomboyish girl who always gets into trouble. Thip is the uncle of Saisuda. They're all rich kids at the convent except for Sineenart so she gets picked on a lot by Saisuda's gang. Nang befriends Sineenart and enemies with Saisuda. The first part of the story is about their school life. Nang and Thip meet while the girls are at the convent because he goes to visit Saisuda a lot. Nang dislikes him cause she thinks he's a strict boring stiff but he's always had a crush on her. (Source: AsianFuse Wiki)