Nolbu and Heungbu (N/A)

Native Title:

놀부 흥부

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Nolbu and Heungbu N/A / 놀부 흥부 N/A / Nolboo and Heungboo , 놀부흥부 , Nolbu Heungbu

Greedy Nol Bu chases out his good brother Heung Bu out to the streets. Heung Bu is a man who would rather be poor than mean. One day, he sees a swallow lying in his front yard with a broken leg and he treats it with care until it can fly away. The swallow returns the year after and brings a gourd seed to Heung Bu. Heung Bu plants the seed and the gourds grow oversized fruits. When his family decides to open the gourds in autumn, all kinds of riches and jewels pour forth. Heung Bu becomes a rich man overnight and Nol Bu turns green with envy. (Source: KMDb)