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Paap Ataan 1992 / ภาพอาถรรพณ์ 1992 / Mystery Picture , Parb Arthan

Jaokhun and Prayong are lovers and he promises to marry her before he leaves due to work. He meets Orn and marries her instead despite his promise to Prayong. When Jaokhun returns, Prayong can only be the mia noi (minor wife/mistress) and is of course not pleased. She makes life difficult for Orn to win back Jaokhun but accidentally causes the death of a pregnant Orn, thus losing Jaokhun’s heart for good. Prayong becomes a vengeful ghost who continues haunting Jaokhun and Orn in their next life. ~~ Adapted from the novel ‟Paap Ataan‟ (ภาพอาถรรพณ์) by Mom Luang Srifa Mahawan (หม่อมหลวงศรีทอง ลดาวัลย์).