Sa Bang Ji (1988)

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Sa Bang Ji 1988 / 사방지 1988 / Sabangji

Sa Bang Ji, a hermaphrodite born to a hardened criminal, is raised in a monestary after his mother proves to be mentally unstable. However, his/her confusing sexual desires prove to be too much for Sa Bang Ji to bear and he/she begins to slip into insanity. At the monastery, Sa Bang Ji meets and falls in love with a grieving young widow, Lee So Sa, but she betrays him when their relationship is discovered by the elders in her family. Sa Bang Ji manages to escape and meets a shaman priestess named Myo Hwa, with whom he plots to take revenge. After Myo Hwa is killed, Sa Bang Ji and So Sa are reunited, but they Sa Bang Ji is captured and killed, and So Sa commits suicide.