Silamanee (1994)

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Silamanee (1994) photo
Silamanee (1994) photo
Silamanee (1994) photo


Silamanee 1994 / ศิลามณี 1994 / Precious Stone

The precious emerald necklace of Chiangrath has been given to the family of Parote Rachasena, whom is proud in his dignity and looks down upon Northern women like his mother. In which has created his feud of hatred for Princess Saengfarng so she must go undercover as Ngam Saenluang and Mae Liang in order to get the Silamanee back. Between ‟him‟ and ‟her,‟ the fued that they have created towards each other, can it be turn into ‟love‟ or not? Only ‟Silamanee‟ will be the significant key to unlocking this puzzle.