Silver Stallion (1991)

Native Title:

銀馬는 오지 않는다

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Silver Stallion 1991 / 銀馬는 오지 않는다 1991 / 은마는 오지 않는다 , The Silver Stallion Will Never Come , 銀馬는 오지 않는다 , Eunmaneun Oji Anhneunda

Soldiers with the U.N. forces that entered Korea during the Korean War rape a village girl named Eon Rae. The villagers ostracize Eon Rye and her son. Unable to make a living, Eon Rye joins the brothel district that has been set up near the U.N. base on the other side of the river from the village. The war and the introduction of U.S. culture break down the social order of the village.