Silver Tycoon (1993)

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Silver Tycoon 1993 / 銀狐 1993 / Silver Fox , The Silver Tycoon

Duen Siu Cheung (Felix Wong) was a very successful and rich businessman who always wanted to extend his family business in the film industry, and Bak Ling (Margie Tsang) was just an average girl who had a crush on him. During a trip to China, Siu Cheung was deceived by his friend Sung Hok Lai (Fong Gong), who took all his money and even stole his fiance Leung Sik Mui (Erica Choi). Siu Cheung came back to Hong Kong vowing to make even with Hok Lai's family despite the fact that he was very close to Hok Lai's second son, Sung Si Yuen (Jackie Lui). His plan was successful with the help of a new friend, Ngan Yue Yuk (Christine Ng). Everything was going well for Siu Cheung, until all of his evil doings slowly came into light...