Sisters of the Gion (1936)

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Sisters of the Gion 1936 / 祇園の姉妹 1936 / Gion no Shimai , Geisha Sisters of the Gion

The story centers around two sisters, who are geisha, living in an okiya of their own in the licensed pleasure district of Gion, Kyoto. The two women have very different outlooks on relationships with men. Umekichi, the elder sister, is the ideal geisha; she grew up going to dance and music lessons, wears kimono, and has a strong sense of giri, or loyalty, to her patron. Umekichi’s younger sister, Omocha, was educated in public schools and wears western clothing, except when she is working as a geisha. Unlike Umekichi, Omocha doesn’t trust men and believes that they will only use geisha and then abandon them without a care. Thus, she uses men to her own advantage. In doing so she is willing to manipulate and lie to her customers. (Source: Wikipedia)