Slickers vs. Killers (1991)

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Slickers vs. Killers 1991 / 黐线枕边人 1991 / Chi Xian Zhen Bian Ren

Although a hapless telephone salesman, Success Hung finds himself engaged in a selling war with a new saleswoman, Miss Cheng, that soon proves to be the least of his problems. After witnessing a feud between two hitmen and a local gang of triads, Hung finds himself the target of the more neurotic and violent of the two hitmen, Bat. Having survived various attempts on his life by the hitmen, Bat and Owl, Hung also discovers that his wife Lisa's policeman colleague Ai has more than a professional interest in her. Taking a leaf out of Bat and Owl's book, the jealous policeman also decides that Hung would be better off dead. In one madcap night, all of these problems are solved with poor old Hung naturally in the middle of it all.