Song of the Fishermen (1934)

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Song of the Fishermen 1934 / 渔光曲 1934 / Yu Guang Qu , 漁光曲

This musical melodrama focuses on the hardships of fishermen of the East China Sea. Kitty Xu / Xu Xiao Mao and Monkey Xu / Xu Xiao Hou are sister and brother in a fishing family on the brink of destitution in the 1920s. When their mother is fired from her job as a maid in the home of their rich friend He Zi Ying, the family’s suffering increases. As teenagers in the 1930s, Kitty and Monkey go to Shanghai in search of work, while Zi Ying is sent abroad to study fishing techniques. Further tragedies bring the three together again back in their hometown. Will they find a better life? (Source: ~~ The first social-realist film in the history of Chinese cinema.