Stars & Roses (1989)

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Stars & Roses 1989 / 愛人同志 1989 / Stars and Roses , Romance In Vietnam , Oi Yan Tung Ji , Ai Ren Tong Zhi , 爱人同志

Lau Gai Jou travels to Vietnam for a story. Once in Vietnam, he briefly meets Yun Hung, a translator and is involved in an accident after crashing a motorised rickshaw. The courts hand him a prison sentence in a strict prison where he is subject to a number of horrible punishments. While in prison, he meets Yun's brother, upon his release, Lau and Yuen become more friendly until Lau is imprisoned again for anti-government activity. Sentenced to 3 years he plots to escape from prison taking Yun Hung's brother with him. (Source: Wikipedia)