Tale of a Boy: Noble Heart (N/A)

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Tale of a Boy: Noble Heart N/A / N/A / Shonen bidan: Kiyoki kokoro

This is another Tomu Uchida film (fragmentary?) from 1925 called ‟Shonen Bidan Kiyoki Kokoro‟ which means it is a moral fable which translates as something like ‘A shining example of a boy’s good morals’. This film was included in the DVD release of ‘Tasogare sakaba’ and is one of the many ‘kyouiku eiga’ films that were made in the 20s . Uchida’s first couple of projects were of this kind. The film is a weird mix of current and historical, with a time slip insert to an older historical period and scene. It’s about discovering money that somebody has dropped and is a curious experience to watch. (Letterboxd)