The Magnificent Scoundrels (1991)

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The Magnificent Scoundrels 1991 / 情聖 1991 /

Stephen Chow plays a con man who runs scams like pretending to be a Mainland refugee and fleecing tourists for ‟artifacts‟. He partners up with inept grifter Teresa Mo when she tries to rip him off. Since they're both rather unsuccessful, their evil loan shark (Roy Cheung) forces them to steal from the rich. Meanwhile, Cheung also enters into a con agreement with another set of debtors (Wu Man and Tien Niu). The two disguise themselves as a rich couple and attempt to scam a rich Mainland visitor named Jackie. By some miracle circumstance, it's Chow who poses as Jackie, and the two sets of con-artists fruitlessly attempt to con one another. Meanwhile, Amy Yip shows up and steals screen time with her ample assets. (lovehkfilm)