The Moon Is... the Sun's Dream (1992)

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달은... 해가 꾸는 꿈

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The Moon Is... the Sun's Dream 1992 / 달은... 해가 꾸는 꿈 1992 / Daleum... Haega Kkuneun Kkum

Mu Hoon, a gangster in Busan, is the half brother of Ha Young, a successful photographer. When Mu Hoon is caught having an affair with his boss' mistress, Eun Joo, the two run off with their organization's money. They are soon caught, but although Mu Hoon escapes, Eun Joo is given a scar on her cheek as punishment, and sold into prostitution. A year later, Mu Hoon finds a photograph of Eun Joo in Ha Young's studio, but although he is able to rescue her, he is eventually tracked down by the mob. Threatened with Eun Joo's death, Mu Hoon accepts a job to kill a man, only to discover that his target is in fact his best friend, Man Soo.