The Phantom Lover (1995)

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The Phantom Lover 1995 / 夜半歌声 1995 / Ye ban ge sheng , 夜半歌聲

Song Dan Ping was the most pioneering opera singer in modern China. Though he knew he captivated the hearts of many girls, he loved the pure and lovely Du Yun Yan. The young couple was deeply in love with each other. They spent most of their time together boating and going to places. However, Yun Yan's father believed that Dan Ping was insincere and did not approve of him. He even forced Yun Yan to marry a rich and powerful man. And in order to make Yun Yan give up, the rich man jailed Dan Ping, tortured him, then set fire on the theatre to burn him to death. Yet, never was there anything greater than love. When you hold true the belief that your loved one was still alive, you would give all you have unconditionally and wait forever.