The Prince of Temple Street (1992)

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The Prince of Temple Street 1992 / 廟街十二少 1992 / Prince of Temple St. , Miu Kai Sup Yi Siu

Andy Lau stars in The Prince of Temple Street, a classic triad story of honor and righteousness. Andy Lau is ‟The Twelfth Young Master‟, so-called because he was raised by twelve foster parents from the triad underworld. A lifelong resident of Temple Street, the Young Master is intimately familiar with the triad life, having been around triads his whole life. But things change when he meets a beautiful missionary named Teresa. She desires to bring hope and faith to Temple Street, and the Young Master is drawn towards her. But with the triad life comes its inevitable dangers. When an old rival is released from prison, he seeks out the Young Master to gain revenge. Will the Young Master choose to leave the street behind for Teresa? And is he even able to? Familiar triad melodrama drives The Prince of Temple Street, as the way of the street slowly but surely reinforces its hold on those who dream of getting out. Eventually, the underworld wears you down, until only vengeance and violence remain... (Source: Letterboxd)