The Story of Wong Fei Hung 2 (1949)

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The Story of Wong Fei Hung 2 1949 / 黃飛鴻傳(下集大結局) 1949 / Wong Fei Hung Burn the Tyrants's Lair , Story of Huang Feihong (Part 2) , The Story of Wong Fei Hung (Part 2) , Huang Fei Hong Chuan , Huang Fei Hong Zhuan: Da Po Ba Wang Zhuang , Wong Fei Hung Chyun (Ha Jaap Daai Git Guk) , 黄飞鸿传(下集大结局)

Solving the cliffhanger at the end of Part One and carrying on with a series of fights against a lineup of martial artists recruited by Master Wong’s nemesis, Part Two culminates in a showdown with Grey Hair Fu, played by the great character actor Sek Kin, who is to appear as the archvillain in most of the following chapters, each time in a different guise. (Source: Letterboxd)