The Thief And A Poet (1995)

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도둑과 시인

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The Thief And A Poet 1995 / 도둑과 시인 1995 / Thief And A Poet , Doduggwa Siin , Doduggwa Shiin ,

Bin Ha a poet, is standing on the top of a 20-story-building in the center of a big city where brilliant neon signs are shinning all around him. He is going to kill himself by jumping after a failed love affair. Also on the rooftop that night are two thieves Do Woo, a man and Chae Min, a woman, waiting to pull off a heist. By chance, they meet and go on to talk about life, love, this and that. After a long talk, the poet change his mind not to kill himself. The thieves decide not to steal things any more. They are completely changed and vow to make a new journey of life. But the police find Bin Ha's suicide note on the top of that building, and begin to investigate. The media get hold of the story and sensationalize it, perhaps jeopardizing Bin Ha and the reformed thieves in the process.