The Three Swordsmen (1994)

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The Three Swordsmen 1994 / 刀劍笑 1994 / Dao Jian Xiao

Before the competition for the title of the world's greatest between Ming Kim and Siu Sam Siu, Siu Sam Siu was framed by the Ming Lau Fah sect's leader Ku Choi Yee for murder. It was found out that Ku framed Siu Sam Siu to help Ming Kim, whom she has been admiring, win the title of the world's greatest. After her plot is revealed, Ku captures Siu Sam Siu's lover Butterfly and forces him to battle with Ming Kim, and she later helplessly suicides. In order to save his lover, the wounded Siu Sam Siu must battle in a duel where he has a slim chance of winning.