The War Baby (1950)

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The War Baby 1950 / 劫後孤兒 1950 / Jie Hou Gu Er , Gip Hau Gu Yan , 劫後孤儿

On the eve of the outbreak of the Pacific War, Law Wing Nin, manager of an opera troupe, goes to Singapore on a performing tour. He leaves behind his mother, wife, So Ying and infant son, Yat Ming. When Hong Kong fell to the Japanese, So Ying was separated from her mother-in-law and son. So Ying rewards them for their news. She reunifies with her in-law in Qujiang, but her son has been kidnapped and ends up begging on the streets. A street performer, Chan Lung, takes pity on Yat Ming and teaches him martial arts. Soon, the boy earns a reputation as a ‟wonder kid‟ and goes on stage to perform. After the war, So Ying and her mother-in-law, Yat Ming and Chan Lung, separately return to their village. Wing Nin also returns and intends to organise another opera troupe. Yat Ming is introduced to the troupe. Thus, father and son work together, unaware of their relationship. One day, a neighbour, Third Aunt, shows So Ying and her mother-in-law the brochure of the opera she had attended, and the two women recognise Yat Ming in the picture. They rush to investigate, and the family is finally reunited. (Source: