Toei Hero Daishugo (1994)

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Toei Hero Daishugo (1994) photo
Toei Hero Daishugo (1994) photo


Toei Hero Daishugo 1994 / 東映ヒーロー大集合 1994 / Toei Hero Big Gathering , Toei Heroes' Big Gathering , Touei Hiiro Daishugou

‟Toei Hero Daishugo‟ is the name of a 3-D film based on Metal Hero Series franchise that was shown in 1994 at amusement parks and special events nationwide in Japan. It was shown as a triple feature alongside Super Sentai World and Kamen Rider World. First the Blue SWAT team (Blue Swat, Purple Swat, and Gray Swat) arrive on the scene with their vehicles and draw their guns to search for an alien. They locate it nearby with the sensors in Shou's suit, Purple Swat, Gray Swat, and Blue Swat fight the alien and Purple Swat uses the Flamethrower to attack the alien. The trio then use their BW-01 to shoot the alien and he is defeated. Then footage of the five Sentai teams (Kakuranger, Dairanger, Zyuranger, Jetman, and Fiveman) from Super Sentai World are here and ready to fight, Kakuranger fights Saigan and Bango, Red Hawk and FiveRed are slashing two of them, Zyurangers use the Howling Cannon to shoot Saigan and Dairangers are use their Dairen Rods to attack Bango, NinjaWhite throws a Kakuranger Ball to NinjaRed to attack them. After they defeat the generals, DaiZyuJin, Five Robo, Muteki Shogun, Jet Icarus, and Dairen'O arrive to aid them when Emperor Daidasrevives and grows and slash him using their signiture sword attacks to finally defeat him. After someone throws a ‟Janperson Card‟ and Bill Goldy catches it Janpersonappears and he is uses the Jan Stickand Wire Punch to attack Bill Goldly's henchmen. Bill Goldly uses Jandetic to shoot Janperson. Janperson uses Jan Blader to slash Bill Goldly and he uses Knee Kick to finish him and he is defeated. Then it ends with Janperson standing on a cliff with the Blue SWAT trio, and the Kakurangers and Dairangers standing alongside each other on the other side. (Source: Tokupedia Wiki Fandom)