Tomorrow (1995)

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Tomorrow (1995) photo
Tomorrow (1995) photo


Tomorrow 1995 / あした 1995 / Goodbye for Tomorrow

It has been three months since the small passenger ship ‟Yobuko Maru‟ went missing in the coastal area of Onomichi. The ship has encountered a storm, after which the fate of the nine passengers is unknown. The remaining lovers, husbands, wives, and families received a series of mysterious messages saying, ‟I'm waiting at Yobuko beach at midnight tonight,‟ and each person has their own thoughts. They gather one after another at the waiting area at Yobukohama. At the same time, Noriko Harada appears in the area. However, she doesn't expect to be a witness to extraordinary events. ~~ Adapted from the novel ‟Forgotten Things at Midnight‟ (午前0時の忘れもの) by Akagawa Jiro (赤川次郎).