Tumrup Ruk (1989)

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Tumrup Ruk 1989 / ตำรับรัก 1989 / Tamrap Rak

The story is set in the 1960s. Lek met Planote when they were young but during that time she didn't speak with him so he thought she was conceited. Planote then went to study abroad for many years. After coming back from England Planote and Lek met again at an airport. The two got along well and secretly liked each other from then on. However, Planote has a girlfriend so he has to take Lek out of his mind. He did that by asking his girlfriend to marry him. His girlfriend rejected his proposal because she found him too poor to be able to properly take care of her. After their break up, Planote and Lek's relationship grew. The two dated and eventually got married. At the wedding, Planote's ex-girlfriend caused a misunderstanding between the two by saying Planote still loves her and he's marrying Lek only for her money. Lek got suspicious of Planote's love for her and acted cold towards him from then on. Meanwhile, Planote misunderstood his wife's cold demeanor as her thinking he's not good enough for her. Will Lek and Planote solve their problem and come to an understanding? (Source: SpicyForum)